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Alor Setar in 100 words or less.

I was in Alor Setar as part of Honda’s HDF team; it was quite superb, complete with that old-school, rustic vibe.  As cliched as it might sound, Kedah’s padi fields are magically idyllic, and it’s a pity that I didn’t take many photos of them.  Mayhaps in the next bout.

It’s another one of those mashes between today and tomorrow.  I’d love to know the name of AS’s version of the Space Needle.


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Wank the vote.

It doesn’t matter who you vote for; as long as you do. Having the right to elect your public officials, no matter what post they’re vying for, is a privilege.

With that said, it’s a shame that everything’s in the shits right now. I don’t quite understand how you can be an Independent with Barisan leanings. It’s essentially a political engagement — a quickie that somehow squirms its way into something more. Then again, I suppose a silver lining to this would be the fact that they were weeded out in the end.

The continuous mud-slinging from both sides isn’t doing any good for the people; yet I despise the way in which the newly formed Majority was minted. And I’m quite sure that some Perakians are incredibly uncomfortable with the chain on events. This is hardly a ‘Party For the People’. Nobody wanted them there in the first place.

The ‘People’ in question have been cheated. Are they going to be given the chance to opt for a fair fight?

It’s hard to be impartial. And it’s hard to want to give a chance to a motley crew of blank-shooting wankers.

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