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You’ve got the Touch.

For the entertainment value, I’m sending this out from my Touch. Hello.

I’m so behind on this tech rubbish.

But I love the novelty value.

Alas. That takes care of that.


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Token cryptic blog entry.

Everything’s going to change very soon.

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You are what you post.

I still don’t really understand how blogging is therapeutic…this is especially so for celebrity bloggers, who’re pressured into maintaining their readership and consistently updating their material. Unless you’re blogging under the comfort of anonymity or a pseudonym without intending to ever leak your identity, there must be some pride in whatever you post…which means you’re prone to taking a look at it and constantly thinking of ways to tweak the site or to leave readers exasperated by giving sweeping statements all the time.

Like how supporting Chelsea is alright as long as you’re a pouncy faggot who adores High Street fashion.

I’ve been keeping this thing for over 4 years, and for a little while within these 4 years, I was convinced that I was heading for blogosphere stardom because I felt incredibly witty, though hardly articulate. Simply put, if we’re hungry for fame yet lazy to attain it, we have to find the latest tools of convenience to whore ourselves.

  • It’s why some people leave URLs on their posted photos: to claim copyright and authorship, but also to whore themselves. It’s why some people constantly remind their friends to check their blogs out (we’re all guilty of this at some point or other): because something mega has happened and it’s got to be known immediately.
  • It’s why we’re all self-indulgent and leave short, cryptic posts that nobody but ourselves would understand…because it’s just simply possible.
  • It’s also why we leave strange pieces of self-composed music that people should enjoy…because some of us love to take the chance to entertain people at our own expense.
  • I also don’t understand the tribal culture of how bloggers think highly of themselves just because they’re ‘bloggers’ (should we call an anthropologist?)…especially from those without any good material or hideous grammar. I mean, come on…it’s got to be classy. At least for a day.

I suppose I’ve given up on actually conceptualizing a point to all of this. I always thought that I could leave some kind of subliminal message in each post that would convince people the world over to start eating more Shapes. But, nay, it wasn’t to be.

Does a blog really represent who you are? I really don’t think so. I believe that a blog is a surrogate for what we are, and most importantly, what we want to be. A friend of mine once told me that studies had shown that gamers choosing a particular class or attribute in RPGs wanted that attribute simply because they didn’t have it in reality.

Which means I really want to be a bow-wielding, cow-slaying female Rogue-class warrior. I always knew it.

Be it as it may, I try my best not to show any consciousness in realizing that I blog on the blog (except for situations like these). Doing so takes away the experience that a reader might get from reading the material firsthand…it’s as if having a reader realize that you’re concsious of the blog being a hindrance in enjoying what it is you’re trying to say. And we can’t have that, can we?

Oh, well.

Happy ANZAC Day.

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There’s a line that’s usually crossed when a statement of opinion enters a territory that would vaguely be considered defamatory. I suppose that a lot of things can be said, but I don’t understand why an expression of opinion would be considered to be malicious and worthy of legal action to be taken against it. Nonetheless, we’d always take the context of the situation into account in order to measure the brevity of the statement made.

Keeping that in mind, I don’t see why Jeff Ooi and Ahiruddin Attan should be sued. And a part of me doesn’t appreciate it that certain people insist that those who need to express themselves must be responsible about what they say. It might be weak, but I believe that we say what we do simply because we do, be it online, in private, or publicly. At times, it might even spark off a healthy debate, or at least garner some cheap laughs. Or even try to capitalize on shock value. Freedom of expression is limited, which is certainly understood. I’m even quite sure that we’re grateful of what we can get here. But it seems extreme to punish those who would stand to share their own views so indiscriminately; the means may be debatable, but it’s so sad to see two blokes with something to say being given so much shit for it.

There’s a certain amount of disbelief that needs to be taken when accessing anything via alternative means…you’ve got to take it with a pinch of salt. It’s bad enough that the mainstream media in Malaysia already needs the vetting of the Government; now the alternative media is threatened. There might come a time when what we say and do online is policed. It’d be more than uncomfortable to learn that a situation like that would be inevitable.

I don’t believe everything I read. But to paraphrase the Rolling Stones, it’s good to get a fair share of the views. It’s good to know that there’re people who’re as cynical as I am when it comes to certain things. And it’s good to know that there’re people who’re willing to share more than what we’re feeded in the mainstream. The onus is on our interpretation of what we digest, on what we believe. I think there’re more than a few of us who mindlessly accept what we read from alternative sources; it’s not as if we’re believing it for the sake of it being alternative.

Who’s more foolish? The fool, or the fool who follows him?

It’s such a funny little country sometimes.

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