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I could never be a legitimate musician, if only because I couldn’t be bothered to be acknowledged as one.  I don’t get bummed out that I can’t perform a strange plethora of flat chords or I don’t have the dexterity to pull off a shocking solo; I’m perfectly content to be able to only play 6 chords (sometimes less!).

I’ve got the restless soul of an artist without the baggage.  I’ve got a short attention span, and I also believe that I’m a purveyor of good taste.  In short, I’m this much closer to becoming a one-hit wonder than you’d think.

Except that I’ll always be a bedroom bard.

I’m living proof that hard work and determination will get you somewhere — after all, I haven’t really applied those two principles to my life, let alone my music-making.  But to me, there’s nothing more satisfying than never writing a proper chorus and taking the lazy way out and ending all my songs with 50-part harmonies…and having friends, acquaintances and random strangers applaud you.

Check this page out for my music updates.  I’ll try posting a streaming audio widget…once I figure out how to use all this.


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